Why I Don’t Wash My Hair – Gasp!


I do wash my hair… But I don’t use shampoo or conditioner…

I do what is called ‘no-poo’. It’s been around for years and it was a fad several years back but it’s died down now.

July 2017; when down my hair went past my waistband

Basically you use a mixture of baking soda and water as the “shampoo” and a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar and water as the “conditioner”.

A lot of people tried it, ruined their hair, and then spread the word about how it doesn’t work.

Okay… maybe it doesn’t work for everyone. But, from my years of ‘no-pooing’ I’ve found that you have to LISTEN to your hair. And I don’t think many people do.

The whole point of this process is to detox your hair from all these awful products we use day in and day out. You slowly wean yourself off and your hair gets healthier.

You go through this horrible greasy mess for about a week or two (depending on how bad your situation is) but then your hair goes all flowy and soft and luxurious.

But this is where people made the mistake…

Once you hit the soft and flowy phase, you have to taper back the “washing” to only about once or twice a week. You only do it when you actually need it. For me that’s once a week; the rest of the week I simply rinse with water. Unless I’ve gone swimming or done some crazy workout or something.

I’ve been ‘no-pooing’ for almost 3 years now and I gotta say… My hair is amazing! It’s soft, shiny, and it grows about and inch a month. Which is insane! Considering that before I stopped using shampoo, my hair had only grown about a half inch in a year!

I also got Derek to start using it and his hair is sooo soft now…

December 2017; We spent 3 weeks in Germany and I only washed my hair twice the whole time!

But I do have to say…

Both mine and Derek’s hair is also much improved because we eat so much better than we used to. We eat plenty of healthy fats, eat our veggies, drink enough water, and we take Biotin and Zinc which are all great for skin and hair.

July 2018; I cut a total of 16 inches off my hair in a series of 3 haircuts. It’s already down to the middle of my back 7 months later…

It’s a whole lifestyle thing and thats what I preach!

Go ahead and give ‘no-poo’ a try! See how you like it! Tell me what you think!


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